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"Dr. Cristy Lopez can help you transform your life, career, marriage, and relationships. Whether you’re a busy executive or in a career transition, she will show you how to build your success from the inside out." -Dan Kuschell, Business Growth Specialist

"Dr. Lopez, Phoenix Is Lucky To Have You." -Dr. Phil, Host Of The Dr. Phil Show

“Thank you Dr. Cristy Lopez. I still have the notes from the class you held and refer to them often. They have been a huge help in reaching my goals.” - Laura Luz, Workshop Participant

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 Your Breakthrough Begins...

Module 1

The powerful Peace Process framework for mindfulness helps you be more aware and in the moment. Mindful awareness improves mood and physical health, reduces stress, and helps you catch when your F brain is being triggered so you can do something about it! No more making up inaccurate negative stories about yourself and the world!

Module 2

You will hone in on your understanding of your current internal and external state through the process of Present Mapping which will better get at what is going on in your subconscious. You will literally map your starting point. This will give you clarity about what your particular F brain triggers are and how that has been holding you back.

Module 3

Future Mapping details what a truly happy and healthy relationship, career, life looks and feels like for You! Again, your subconscious will provide clarity, focus, and direction. You will literally see how you’re A game will show up in your life!

Module 4

You will craft your answer to the first two of The Four Fundamental Questions: Who Am I and What Do I Want? When you are clear and confident on you and how you want to show up in life, that is how you achieve greater fulfillment, joy, significance, meaning, purpose, impact, whatever you desire. Being Resolute in your answers to these first two questions will already provide you the confidence and peace of mind that no matter what comes your way you will respond from a strong Foundation versus reacting out of Fear!

Module 5

You will do the same for the last two of the Four Fundamental Questions: Why Am I Here (Purpose) and What Do I Stand For (Values)? You will have a strong Foundation from which to direct and lead your life versus being at the mercy of your circumstances or others. No more aimless drifting, being manipulated by others, or shifting from one new thing to the next! Instead, when life’s tremors or earthquakes hit, you will stay standing strong.

Module 6

Given the incredible amount of learning and transformation you will gain in the first half of the program, we will utilize Module Six to ensure what you have learned so far and dive deeper to make sure you really have a handle on everything so that your new ways are becoming your natural ways!

Module 7

Increase your Emotional Intelligence! We all know how important these skills are for success in Business, Relationships, and Life. Imagine how much more powerful and influential you will be when you gain a better grasp on your emotional life and understanding of the emotions of others.

Module 8

Shift and transform your self-talk into something that supports you versus berates you and drags you down. No more beating yourself up! No more exhausting yourself with endless rounds of the same old self-defeating patterns! Imagine how nice and peaceful it will be to finally silence your inner critic and actually have it serve you in a healthy and nurturing way. 

Module 9

Got Boundaries? Too many? Not any? Not sure? Do you even know what a boundary is and why they are important? You will discover how being clear and confident in your boundaries will keep you from being sidetracked and save you from so much stress!

Module 10

Imagine being certain in what you are trying to communicate and having the skills to naturally and effectively articulate your needs, wishes, and desires. What would that do for you professionally, personally, romantically? You will find out with the Assertiveness Action Plan!

With Internal Mastery You Get.. 

Personal Launch Call

Personal strategy session focusing on your unique situation, goals, and how we can best work together to achieve it! 

 Experiential Modules

Membership in a small select community engaging in 10 Live Transformational Video Sessions lasting 1.5 hrs.

Personal Check-Ins

2 personal one on one sessions to help you deepen and expand your particular transformation. 

Exclusive FB Community

Access and membership to the Internal Mastery Private Facebook Community  

Benefits Of Internal Mastery Membership

  • Transformative skill building based on Psychological Science
  • Learn to Prevent problems, Intervene when problems arise, and Recover when things go off the rails.
  • Experiential action plans to encode your New Ways into your Natural Ways
  • Being part of a small select group, so you do not have to go through this transformation alone
  • Accountability to the Community to do the work to achieve your transformation
  • Learn from other success minded and action oriented members as they also go through this life changing process
  • Contribute to other like-minded members transformation as they go through this life changing process
  • Accountability to Dr. Cristy to do the work to achieve your transformation
  • One on one personal calls with Dr. Cristy to better tailor your experience to you and your unique situation
  • You can participate with Internal Mastery from anywhere
  • By the completion of the program you will have acquired several tools, skills, and strategies that you will continue to utilize throughout your lifetime
  • Continuation of your connection with Dr. Cristy and other members via the Internal Mastery Private FB Community platform

Should I Apply?

If you can say YES to the following then you should apply for Internal Mastery for Next Level Living


The Internal Mastery program is for those who have reasons for wanting to grow, progress, contribute, and succeed.  

Coachable I am willing to do different to get different and not be wedded to my usual.

Doer I am eager to learn new skills not just for knowing, but for doing.


I am committed to my success and willing to do the work that is neccesary to ensure success.

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